veg spring roll-

Thai Vegetable Spring Rolls

I am truly addicted to spring rolls. Back in England my Mum and Aunt would sit for hours making a tonne of spring rolls for the restaurant and I would steal a bowl of the filling. So yummy! I prefer small spring rolls with less filling, as you get more layers of the crunchy wrappers that way. For those of you in Korea I found the spring roll wrappers from The Foreign Food Mart in Itaewon. They are in the freezer section, this time I got the medium size, but I think I prefer the small size; use about a teaspoon of filling for these.
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Pinterest <3 Vintage Caravans

I love Pinterest on the best of days, but at the moment I am currently desk warming at work. Desk warming is what I do when school is closed, but I still have to come in because technically I only get 20 days paid vacation per year. It is so boring and literally means I spend 8 hours on Pinterest 5 days a week. I shouldn't really complain, at least I'm getting paid and the heating is on (major deal when it's winter in Korea!)
BBQ chicken pizza.-

Deep Dish BBQ Chicken Pizza

A cheesy, BBQ chicken deep dish pizza. This is so yummy and definitely satisfied my pizza craving! The dough stays soft and holds plenty of toppings. Living in Korea it can be pretty difficult/expensive to find a decent pizza. I mean I've got a few favorite pizza places, but it adds up. Pizza Hut here is pretty pricey and the toppings are so weird...sweet potato, corn, sweet creamy sauces ALL OVER the top of the pizza. The 5000 won sweet potato pizza from Pizza School is not bad for a quick fix, but it's not amazing. This time I was seriously craving a proper pizza, I wanted a crust similar to the Pizza Hut deep dish and I wanted normal toppings that I was familiar with! I recently treated myself to a bottle of BBQ sauce, mozzarella and some black olives; which just screams pizza to me!

Fresh Spring Rolls – Thai Larb

These spring rolls are perfect for a packed lunch or picnic. Enjoy the popular Thai Larb salad in a handy fresh spring roll with added celery for crunch. There are certain Thai dishes that really bring back memories of my Thai family and this is definitely one of them! This dish is popular in the North East Isaan area of Thailand, where my mother is from.